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The Southern Tasmanian Community Orchestra (STCO) welcomes participation of all players, including players aged under 18 years.

The Management Team (see contact details below) is conscious the organisation has a duty of care to allow players aged under 18 years to participate in safety and with respect from all other users of the designated venue/s.

To achieve this, there is a need for an understanding of the shared responsibilities from all players of Derwent Strings, the Management Team and parents/caregivers, or their delegates.

For the purpose of these guidelines, the term ‘delegate’ refers to an existing playing member of STCO, a relative or family friend of the player under 18 years, or a person specifically nominated by the parent/caregiver to exercise the necessary supervision of dropping off and collecting.


1.1 Southern Tasmanian Community Orchestra currently rehearses each Tuesday nights within the school terms at the Polish House, 22-24 New Town Road, New Town, however it is noted alternative venues may be used from time to time. If alternative venues are used the same principles (outlined below) would apply.

1.2 Rehearsal times are set between 7.15pm and 9.30pm. The venue can be accessed as from 7.00pm onwards and adult members/and or members of the Management Team will be present at this time to supervise.

1.3 STCO players aged under 18 are not considered to be in the care of STCO until they have been delivered and arrived within the designated venue.

1.4 Unless the Management Team receives specific written permission from the parent/caregiver (or delegate) to the contrary, we require a parent/caregiver (or delegate) to take the responsibility to ensure their child has entered the Polish House (or alternative venue).

1.5 Ideally, the preferred method would be to accompany the child into the premises and, effectively, handing them over to an adult member or member of the Management Team.

1.6 STCO players aged under 18 years are not considered to be in the care of STCO after leaving the venue between 9.30 and 10.00pm (our latest departure time). Parents/caregivers (or delegates) are responsible for the players after this time.

1.7 We ask parents/caregivers (or delegate) to collect their child within 10 minutes after STCO finishes rehearsal at 9.30pm.

1.8 Ideally, the preferred method would be for the parent/caregiver (or delegate) to arrive prior to 9.30pm, enter the premises and leave with their child.

1.9 Should the player aged under 18 years be required to leave the rehearsal prior to 9.30pm, we ask the parent/caregiver (or delegate) to communicate this in advance and make the necessary arrangements for collection.

1.10 We request the parent/caregiver (or delegate) make all attempts to communicate any delay in collecting their child at 9.30pm, or at other times if alternative venues and sessions are arranged.

1.11 A member of the Management Team will wait with your child until you arrive or negotiate alternative travel/collection arrangements.

1.12 To avoid any unnecessary concern, we ask a parents/caregiver (or delegate) to contact a Management Team member in the event your child is not attending a rehearsal.

1.13 Prior notice of any known absence can be communicated via email, phone or mobile (see below).

1.14 In the event of unexpected absences, mobile contact or message can be made to any of the mobile numbers provided.

1.15 Mobiles will remain switched on until 7.15pm for each rehearsal.

1.16 In the event it is not possible to notify STCO of any absence, we ask the parent/caregiver (or delegate) communicate this information to a member of the Management Team as soon as practicable in order for us to complete our duty of care.


2.1 During rehearsal and at breaks, STCO players aged under 18 years will be required to remain within the confines of the Polish House and not to enter any public streets surrounding the premises.

2.2 If alternative venues are used, STCO players aged under 18 will be given additional instructions.

2.4 It is understood there is a shared responsibility of all parties to ensure these restrictions are exercised and properly monitored.

2.5 Your child will be instructed on their requirements to exercise personal due care when attending rehearsals.


3.1 Periodically, STCO will issue promotional material that may include photographs, digital images, audio and/or video footage. For example, STCO has a Facebook page and we may use promotional material for recruiting or concert purposes.

3.2 STCO undertakes not to use any images in a way that would cause embarrassment or misrepresent the intent of the player’s participation in the organisation.

3.3 STCO will respect the right for parents/caregivers (or their delegates) and/or the child to decline giving consent to any images being taken and used for the abovementioned purposes.


4.1 The preferred method of disseminating STCO information is via email.

4.2 The Management Team (primarily through Cath Hogan) utilises a group email system to send relevant information regarding rehearsals, reminders, player profiles, concert details, surveys, extra rehearsal and other related events.

4.3 We ask the parent/caregivers (or delegate) to provide their own contact details (see consent section below). These details will be stored with the Management Team and only used for the purposes of STCO activities and exercising our duty of care.

4.4 Email addresses of parents/caregivers (or delegates) are requested and will be included to the group email database.

4.5 Providing your email address will allow STCO to include you in any distribution of information relating to STCO activities that are emailed to your child.

4.6 This group email is forwarded through the ‘blind cc’ option in order to protect privacy.

4.7 Individual members are able to exchange contact details if they wish, however if approaches are made to the Management Team for such information a check with the nominated player (and their parent/caregiver or delegate if under 18 years) will take place before any information is exchanged.

If you or your child would like to raise any concerns regarding this strategy,
please contact a Management Team member.

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